As a freelance translator, I offer you a range of services to cover all your needs:

translation, revision, proofreading, creation of glossaries and guidelines.


Translation into French of your marketing material: your website, newsletters, product information sheets, blog, etc.


If you are not happy with the translation of your marketing material, I can revise it for you: I will correct it by comparing the original copy with the translation.


Very useful when you have a French team taking care of writing your marketing material in French, but you need someone to go through it.


A bilingual glossary is a powerful tool when you need to ensure your message is consistent from a language to the other.


Guidelines are essential when you have several collaborators taking care of your writing style at the same time: indeed, it allows you to ensure the consistency of your French marketing material.

Codex Global

"Marion is one of the main translators for some of our Fashion-specialised accounts. She is quite responsive and we are happy with the quality of her work."


letter of reference, that you can consult here

PM at Datawords, in response to a positive feedback I gave them

"Thank you Marion! We appreciate working with you too."

The Rosetta Foundation

"The Rosetta Foundation relies on a community of volunteer translators, providing access to information across languages on Marion has participated as a volunteer translator on Trommons and we're very grateful for her help."

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