As a freelance language services provider, I offer vegan businesses a range of complementary services:

translation, revision, proofreading, search for keywords, creation of glossaries and guidelines.


If you are not happy with a translation of yours, I can revise it for you: I will correct it by comparing the original copy with the translation.


Translation into French of all your marketing content:

  • website, newsletters, blog, etc.);

  • newsletters and emails (internal or external);

  • blog;

  • social media posts;

  • video scripts...

and so on!


Guidelines are essential when you have several collaborators taking care of your writing style at the same time: indeed, it allows you to ensure the consistency of your French content.


Very useful if you have a French team taking care of writing your French content, but need someone to go through it.

Keywords and SEO

Do you want to refine your French content and improve your searching engine ranking, to be found by your future French clients? I can search the right French keywords for you, and include them in all translations and in your glossary.


A bilingual glossary is a powerful tool when you need to ensure your message is consistent from a language to the other.

Codex Global

"Marion is one of the main translators for some of our Fashion-specialised accounts. She is quite responsive and we are happy with the quality of her work."


letter of reference, that you can consult here

PM at Datawords, in response to a positive feedback I gave them

"Thank you Marion! We appreciate working with you too."

The Rosetta Foundation

"The Rosetta Foundation relies on a community of volunteer translators, providing access to information across languages on Marion has participated as a volunteer translator on Trommons and we're very grateful for her help."


Marion Bazzoli

Feel free to contact me and include your file at

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Available from Monday to Friday, 9.30 to 6.30 (GMT +1)

SIRET number: 797 722 741 00031

VAT number: FR 46 797 722 741

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